Listed below are some of the services and benefits we can provide your company.  We are proud of our ISO 13485:2012 & ISO 9001:2008 certification.

  • A team of experienced Machinists and Tool & Die Makers
  • The latest CNC Machining /  turning centers, EDM wire and die sink, tool room equipment and the latest software to ensure precise parts with fast on time delivery.
  • Comprehensive inspections using modern equipment and software.
  • Inspection and quality control administered by an experienced staff.
  • An open door policy for our vendor audits and quality inspections.
  • Reverse engineering using your workable parts, tooling or equipment.
  • Acceptance of your CAD files by electronic transfer into our secure, protected system.
  • Ability to convert files into our CAD/CAM software eliminating faxing, mailing, and overnight shipments.

We are committed to providing you high quality machined parts, dies, tooling and equipment, built to your exact specifications, delivered on time and at a fair price.

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